Enjoy the shopping experience

Aquié, Plenus and Aquí form the “Me Gusta ir al Super” (I like to go to the supermarket) network of Grupo Cuevas.

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Three supermarket brands
with a commitment: to make your life

Our philosophy is based on adapting to the needs of our customers and we do this based on the basic pillars of an excellent fresh product and a caring and friendly customer service.

Competitiveness and innovation differentiate us in each of our supermarket lines.

Because we want you to enjoy shopping like we do.

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Our supermarkets

We propose a different concept of supermarket, with its own philosophy and where everything makes sense.

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Our youngest brand. all our experience presented under a young and friendly model.

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Our first experience in the field of supermarkets, which brings together a careful selection of more than 5,000 products.

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We are committed to the promotion of rural aspects and local commerce to make your shopping more comfortable. And we also do it under franchises. In our Spar Express centres.

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