Chestnuts and Cuevas,

Cuevas’ long relationship with this magical fruit and unquestionable symbol of our cultural and gastronomic heritage began in the ‘40s, with the need to export fresh chestnuts to America to meet the demand of Galician emigrants.

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Alma de bosque

In the ‘80s, and with a completely innovative project that was a clear challenge to the conservative criteria of the market, Cuevas presented an until-then unknown product in our country: the surprising Marron Glacé.

Cuevas stands out due to its symbiosis between nature and craftsmanship, firmly committed to keeping a culinary legacy so full of history alive. A real product with “soul”.

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A diamond protected by hedgehogs

Reinventing the chestnut

We are living in times of the chestnut. The rediscovery of this fruit by chefs of recognised prestige is recuperating the use of a food that, for centuries, was the basis of the diet of many Galician households.

Cuevas chef has now arrived on the market with a complete range of products derived from chestnuts that complement and accompany dishes. Purées, garnishes, fillings and sauces that break conventions and encourage creativity in the kitchen based on their extraordinary performance and personality.

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Chestnut forum

Committed to our gastronomic heritage

The Chestnut Forum that we started back in 2011, was launched with the purpose of promoting a culture of integration and prestige of the chestnut in social activity, and also promoting the presence of the chestnut in our daily lives.

Outstanding public figures have generously joined this commitment to the chestnut, contributing their feelings and different interpretations of this fruit.

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